Vacuum Brands

Our sister company Vacuum Brands Limited supplies commercial, industrial and housekeeping vacuum cleaners to businesses throughout New Zealand.

In fact they represent over 950 makes and models that cater for all industries.

Vacuum Cleaners

  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Housekeeping Vacuums
  • Featured Soteco
  • Featured Alto Attix
  • Featured Starmix
  • Featured Ghibli
  • Featured Pullman
  • Hoover Domestic
  • PacVac Hydropro 21
  • PacVac Hydropro 76
  • Cleanfix S10 and Cleanfix RS05
  • Numatic
  • Blovac
  • Zeph-Air Venturi
  • Fein Dustex
  • Dust Extraction
  • Outdoors

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Phone +64 9 520 1115 for sales, service, supplies, demonstrations and comparisons – information

950 vacuum cleaner models, commercial, industrial and service

Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Brands Limited promote a large range of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaner brands, makes and models – for general, industry specific and for classified use. Included in this extensive range are vacuums are those suitable for domestic and light commercial work.


Service and Housekeeping vacuum cleaners

We refer to service vacuum cleaners as those that are widely used in the accommodation, housekeeping and office cleaning industries. Many find their way into private homes.


Back Pack Vacuums

Vacuum Brands Ltd stock a vast range of back pack vacuum cleaners.


We come to you

WE COME TO YOU. We have 16 years of in-market experience We are able to demonstrate and prove equipment on site.. If you are out of town – no problem, A conversation, Q & A, logic and reason, internet support and with fast courier support and an action plan – you may as well have been next door!